What a wonderful word, especially for those who have had to endure the sacrifices and privation of years of war. On that first Easter Sunday, the stone that enclosed Jesus’s garden tomb is rolled away, the Roman soldiers flee in terror, and the greatest miracle of all time occurs :


Death could not hold Him!   And it is VICTORY !

He is Christ Victorious! And the Good News He proclaims is that because He lives, we shall live also.  His victory is a victory for US.  In Christ, the Victor, we know sin and death are defeated and God’s reign is established.  We know that because Christ is Victor, the precious hope we have in our hearts is firmly established and can not, and will not, be taken away from us.

Easter is our great day of JOY !

I invite you to come and worship with us on Sunday mornings as we celebrate a mini-Easter each week.  Jesus Christ is Victor !  ALLELUIA !

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